Leadership Force Multipliers – Humility and Optimism

This course will focus on educating leaders on the power of Humility and Optimism, facilitating the ability to engage and inspire the people they lead. Great leaders understand and embrace the leadership strengths of humility and optimism in creating strong and effective relationships. The knowledge you will gain around Leading with Humility and Optimism will deepen your understanding of inspirational and servant leadership transforming the way you lead and inspire your people, your organization and your life. You will gain strategies, tactics and best practices to maximize these Leadership Force Multipliers and translate them into immediate and sustainable results. This course will teach leaders how to leverage humility and optimism to motivate, engage and energize your team to overcome obstacles and find success in failures. This course will give leaders Emotional Intelligence(EQ) training that emphasizes practical applications vs theory. You will learn and practice EQ skills that are the core of achieving personal awareness, connecting with others, managing stress and exhibiting resilience and optimism.

Available Formats

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Seminar Courses
  • Workshop Training

What You Will Learn

  • Approaches, frameworks, and tools for understanding and building your Leadership Humility and Optimism.
  • How do develop action plans to manage yourself and maximize your emotional intelligence to lead others to optimal performance
  • Skills needed to develop quantitative and data driven intuition and business savvy to make timely, sound and fact based decisions
  • How to recognize, manage and consciously use emotional behaviors that will positively impact your work relationships and situations.

How You Will Benefit

Understand the effect of Humility and Optimism on Leadership Effectiveness
  • Gain awareness of your leadership style and impact.
  • Gain an understanding of the effect of Leadership Humility and
  • Optimism on your workforce morale and performance.
  • Strategies to optimize your leadership Humility and Optimism.
  • Readily Executable Best practices for building Humility and
  • Optimism within your organization
Maximize Your Ability to Find Success in Failure
  • Understanding of how to deal with business Volatility, Uncertainty and Ambiguity
  • Improve your personal and organizational predicative ability
  • Techniques for improving your risk taking and decision-making process
  • Learn to think more broadly and comprehensively about failure and how to learn from it
  • Techniques to unlock the power of the After Action Review
Expand Your Emotional Intelligence Personal Impact, Awareness and Relationship Building
  • Identify your emotions, stressors and their level of intensity
  • Recognize emotional intelligence igniters and applying intelligent regulation strategies
  • Identify the impact of our Emotional Intelligence on connecting with others
  • Apply Emotional Intelligent communications skills to relationship building and maintenance
  • Recognition of the central role
Demonstrate Emotional Intelligent Stress Management, Resilience and Optimism
  • Techniques to gather, understand and extract meaningful insights from the emotional and physical responses of Stress.
  • Practice proactive stress management techniques to stay emotionally well balanced.
  • Define Resilience and Optimism and how they impact effectiveness at work
  • Engage collaboration and conflict resolution techniques to improve organizational resilience and optimism