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Leadership is Learning

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” – John F. Kennedy Learning is the most critical cornerstone in our evolution to great leadership. It is the fundamental developmental requirement we depend on for continued growth. Dedicate yourself to a “never stop learning” philosophy. Remember learning is a lifelong endeavor and life never stops teaching us! Be ferocious in your quest for knowledge. Strive to become a more self-aware, conscious and empathetic leader. Become a

mel parker featured on career success podcast with jennifer tardy

Featured On Career Success Podcast

“What have I done?” That was the apprehensive thought that came to mind as I sat at my hotel room desk to prepare for a video podcast interview I had agreed to do a month prior. I assumed leadership would be the subject matter of the interview since my entire focus is on leadership – keynotes, workshops, executive coaching… leadership, leadership and more leadership. As I read through the write up from Jennifer Tardy and