lessons on leadership with mel parker on dr. diane hamilton podcast

It was an honor to be a guest on Dr. Diane Hamilton’s nationally syndicated leadership focused radio show Take The Lead. To be transparent, it felt much less like an interview for Dr. Diane’s radio show and more like Diane and I sitting in a couple of high back arm chairs in front of a crackling fire in my living room catching up on life like two old friends.

I have never shared so much authentic and spontaneous laughter during an interview. I appreciated the opportunity to dive deep into the areas of Authentic Leadership, Character, Honesty, Optimism, Trust Based Relationships, Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Curiosity. We didn’t just check the boxes on a list of prepared questions. We went on a unrestricted learning and knowledge seeking journey together. I’m deeply grateful to Diane for a wonderful experience and hope that our conversation will add actionable value to her listeners.

Live Without Limits!

It is one thing to become a leader; it is another to teach others what you know. Finding opportunity in the convergence of leadership and education, Mel Parker became the President and CEO of Take The Limits Off—a leadership development executive coaching and consulting firm. Mel takes us to his own experiences that instilled in his lessons about leadership, from the wisdom he learned from his grandmother to moving from his military background and up the corporate ladder. Learn more from Mel as he talks about the importance of diversity, building trust, intellectual curiosity, and good coaching skills.

Dr. Diane Hamilton

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