Inclusive and Engaged Leadership Across Cultures and Generations

speaking, coaching, keynote by mel parker - 21st Century Leadership Across Cultures and Generations

This course will focus on a three prong approach – educating leaders to manage and lead across generations, cultures and a combination of both. Today’s leaders can find themselves leading a workforce that spans four, maybe five generations. If you are a global leader multiply those generations across possibly a dozen different cultures. This requires a different type of leader and leadership. A leader with a new and expanded mindset. The world has changed and so should you. More than ever, the ability to successfully lead across multi-generational and multicultural teams is essential for every leader.

The generations fascinate and they frustrate. Millennials are now the most prevalent generation in the workforce surpassing the number of Baby Boomers in 2014 and Generation X in 2015. Studies suggest that Millennials could be as much as 75% of the workforce by 2025. This course will help leaders authentically communicate and connect across generations. It will also give leaders an understanding and appreciation of the different values, beliefs and work habits of the Generations. This course empowers leaders to view generational differences as competitive advantages in the areas of: collaboration, problem solving and innovation.

The business world has never been more globally connected than it is today. International leadership is no longer a direct variable of the size of an organization. Leading multicultural teams requires the ability to manage and understand the cultural differences between team members. Whether you believe the best leadership style is facilitator among equals or an authoritative director that leads from the front, multicultural leadership demands that a leader adapt their style to their cultural context. This course will improve your cross cultural leadership skills by increasing your understanding of culture and how it impacts global working relationships, communication and leadership styles.

This course offers training that emphasizes practical applications vs theory. You will learn and practice EQ skills that are the core of achieving personal awareness, connecting with others, managing stress and exhibiting resilience and optimism.

Available Formats

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Seminar Courses
  • Workshop Training

What You Will Learn

  • Approaches, frameworks, and tools for understanding and building your authentic leadership in reference to the generations and cultures you manage.
  • How to develop action plans to manage yourself by adapting your thinking, communication and understanding of the five generations that comprise today’s workforce.
  • Skills needed to understand your own cultural biases with best practices on how to mitigate areas that may inhibit your multicultural leadership.  How focus on areas of strength that allow you to adapt your leadership style to drive performance in different cultures and across generations.

How You Will Benefit

Understand How to motivate and Lead Across Generations.
  • Understand the unique characteristics of different generations –
  • Millennial, Generation X, Baby Boomers and traditionalists.
  • Understand what motivates each generation and the potential perspectives that they bring.
  • Understand why generational differences matter and why the leader must change vs trying to change the generation.
  • Strategies and best practices to “flex” your leadership style to meet the needs of each generation.
  • Best practices to align cultural values and generational expectations.
  • How to create organizational respect and appreciation for what each Generation brings to the workplace.
  • Best practices to recruit, train and retain talent across generations
  • Strategies to minimize generational challenges and maximize generational strengths
  • Strategies and best practices to build a cohesive and effective multigenerational team
  • Tools and approaches that allow you to leverage generational attitudes and skillsets into performance drivers and a productive work environment.
  • A deep dive into millennials
  • Millennial behavioral styles
  • Hiring and retention strategies
  • How to manage and motivate
Understand How to Motivate and Lead Across Cultures
  • Understand the unique characteristics of Cultures and how they impact you as a Global leader
  • Understand your personal cultural biases and how they impact effective multicultural leadership.
  • Understand the role of leader power differences in adapting your leadership style to cultural norms and needs.
  • Understand why cultural differences matter and why the leader must adapt and “flex” to the individual cultures they lead.
  • Best practices to align organizational and cultural values and expectations.
  • Understand how different communications styles affect a leaders ability to achieve, team engagement and results
  • How to create organizational respect and appreciation for what each Culture brings to the workplace.
  • Strategies to minimize cross cultural challenges and maximize strengths
  • Strategies and best practices to build a cohesive and effective multicultural team
  • Leadership Tools and approaches that allow you to more effectively motivate and inspire team members across cultures.
  • Virtual Leadership – Understand the challenges, benefits and best practices for more efficient and effective global virtual leadership