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Intellectual Curiosity – The Power to Learn and Think

Intellectual curiosity (CQ) may be one of the top five indicators/predictors of a leaders effectiveness, productivity and career attainment. That might be a surprise to some but not to most. While Intellectual Curiosity is nuanced, complex and advanced, it is still a skill that can be learned, trained, fine-tuned and executed. You probably didn’t hear much about the importance of cultivating CQ when you were in school or the first couple of jobs in your career. Because these skills are perceived as soft, creative or advanced their criticality to new leadership is often missed. Unfortunately that is missed opportunity for young leaders to integrate the power of curiosity into the their early leadership mosaic which would accelerate the growth and development of their career. Your curiosity inspires growth and deeper understanding of both the world and people around you.

Intellectual Curiosity is a critical part of the Great Leadership equation.

Great Leadership = (IQ * CQ * EQ)

Without CQ it is not possible to be achieve great leadership. CQ is the critical glue that binds together our Intelligence and our Emotions.

What You Will Learn

  • How to develop and engage critical new leader hard skills of active curiosity, asymmetrical learning, real time analysis and response plans.
  • How to inspire and create a safe culture for curiosity.
  • Best practices to analyze and understand the current CQ levels and its positive or negative impact to the business – internal and external, team members and customers
  • How to create organizational curiosity, trust driven innovation and relationship credibility with peers, functions and other business units.
  • Best practices to evaluate, build, train and retain intellectually curious talent.
  • How to avoid the landmines and rooking mistakes associated with agility, courage, innovation, culture, style and political norms.
  • Strategies and best practices to build a cohesive, inclusive and curious team
speaking theme about intellectual curiosity presented by mel parker from take the limits off

Available Formats

  • Keynote
    • Option: Zoom Live Video
    • Up to 250 participants with Interactive Q&A
    • Recording of event with 1 year internal use license
  • Workshop / Webinar
    • Option: Zoom Live Video
    • Up to 75 interactive video participants
    • Recording of event with 1 year internal use license