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Implicit / Unconscious Bias – Understanding the Realities of Unintentional Bias and its Effect on Our Daily Actions

Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

Members of an organization have always needed to work together to succeed in creating profitable businesses. In today’s V.U.C.A. business environment, which is more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous than ever, employers ability to hire the best talent available have a direct effect on both current results and future viability. The good news is that organizations have a large pool of talent to select from when hiring. But this variety brings unique challenges of its own when it comes to creating an equal opportunity workplace. This includes hiring people from all walks of life: different races, religions, languages, lifestyles, and many other unique characteristics. For your organization to succeed, everyone needs to be engaged with each other, on the same organizational mission and working towards the organizational objectives. Take The Limits Off, LLC offers Inclusion Awareness training to assist employers in creating cultural awareness and inclusion for all employees.

Our training helps participants become aware of other cultures and lifestyles in order to increase empathy, trust and connection among co-workers. The goal of cultural inclusion training is to address the elephant in the room: Poor cross-cultural communication, resentment, unjustified assumptions and competition for advancement opportunities.

Our inclusion training program addresses the importance of mutual trust, cultural competence, the persistent problem of biases and stereotypes, and the how employers and co-workers have to learn to trust each other and work together toward the organization’s goals.

What You Will Learn

  • Cultural biases – Racial biases – Stereotypes-Unconscious bias
  • Best Practices for Managers & Supervisors (Practical examples)
  • Inclusion – Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  • How to build a multicultural work place that thrives on diversity and effective teamwork
  • How to lead new inclusion and engagement efforts to ensure all employees are treated with dignity and have equal access to opportunities
  • Increase morale, employee productivity, and employee retention by creating a welcoming environment that celebrates inclusion.
  • Suggestions to help your employees recognize how stereotypes and unconscious biases can influence perceptions and decisions.
speaking theme about unconscious bias presented by mel parker from take the limits off

Available Formats

  • Keynote
    • Option: Zoom Live Video
    • Up to 250 participants with Interactive Q&A
    • Recording of event with 1 year internal use license
  • Workshop / Webinar
    • Option: Zoom Live Video
    • Up to 75 interactive video participants
    • Recording of event with 1 year internal use license