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Leading a Culture of Engagement, Innovation and Customer Focus

Accelerated growth isn’t about luck or fate. It requires a “what if” mindset from everyone in the organization. This mindset creates disruption. Disruption equips organizations with the ability to overcome external threats and thrive in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

Disruptive innovation will help your business capitalize on new opportunities and safeguard it against stagnation and extinction. As the leader you are required to create a culture that nurtures disruption and innovation. You must make innovation a habit. The most innovative organizations consistently build breakthrough strategies that reshape markets, deliver greater value at a lower cost, redefine channel and force the competition to scramble.

Disruptive innovation is born at the customer level. The most innovative and disruptive products and services are conceived based on the intimate knowledge and passionate commitment to the customer. This requires organizations to create a culture focused on the customer. Focused on creating an awe-inspiring customer experience. Focused on creating a raving fan from each and every customer interaction – sales, marketing, supply chain, customer service, billing…

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how to identify and evaluate new innovative products, services and businesses
  • Fostering innovative strategies, eliminating obstacles and manage risks
  • Creativity vs disruption vs creative destruction — Rapid Launch and Fast Fail
  • Bringing diverse talent together to power creativity and innovation
  • Driving Innovation across the organization as a strategic priority
  • Hiring and partnering for creativity and innovation
  • Key Performance Indicators and measuring success in achieving innovation objectives
  • Innovation vs budget reduction
  • Turn customer service insights into creativity and innovation
  • Create Raving Fan customers that become marketplace advocates
  • Value creation and cost reduction through customer partnership
speaking, coaching, keynote by mel parker - Growth by Building and Leading a Culture of Innovation and Customer Focus

Available Formats

  • Keynote
    • Option: Zoom Live Video
    • Up to 250 participants with Interactive Q&A
    • Recording of event with 1 year internal use license
  • Workshop / Webinar
    • Option: Zoom Live Video
    • Up to 75 interactive video participants
    • Recording of event with 1 year internal use license