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Mel Parker and Dee Parker

About Take The Limits Off

Take The Limits Off is a mission and purpose driven leadership, executive development and consulting organization. Providing leaders and executives with tools to create trust based, high performing teams and organizations that will create and deliver value for all stakeholders. Take The Limits Off provides leaders with the blueprint and best practices needed to create engaged followers who deliver predictable and sustainable performance.

Our belief is that great leadership is the catalyst and cornerstone for an engaged workforce who takes ownership of their performance and results. We believe in a 360-degree engagement of leaders – their actions, behaviors, how they think and how they feel. This WHOLE leader training and coaching concept is designed specifically to engage and unlock each leader’s unique talents and potential.

What We Do

TTLO provides practical and proven experience based solutions to an organization’s most complex problems: Leadership, High Performance Teams, Culture, Transformation and Organizational Change, Crisis Leadership and Value Creation (through Innovation and Customer Focus). TTLO brings you relevant content based on real world experiences and lessons learned through a myriad of dynamic leadership challenges. Our services are unique and our content is customized and designed to insure you and your teams are executing at the highest possible levels. TTLO brings you decades of real world leadership experience from the United States Military Academy at West Point, the 82nd Airborne Division, U.S. Army Rangers and the best globally recognized corporate companies on the planet.

Why Mel Parker?

Are you looking for a way to engage and inspire your leaders to execute and perform at their highest levels? Are you looking for proven techniques and methodologies that will allow your executives and leaders to unleash their full leadership potential to build high performance teams who deliver sustainable results?

C-Suite Executive and Inspirational Speaker Mel Parker will engage, educate and inspire your team to Take the Limits Off their leadership, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. As a sought-after educator, trainer and keynote speaker, Mel instructs from deep corporate and military experience, sharing stories about his time as a combat tested Airborne Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division and as a senior executive for some for the best known, best run organizations on the planet.

Mel will enlighten and energize with invaluable and practical lessons which will empower and transform everyone in attendance. His combination of military and corporate experience is unparalleled. Mel will work closely with you and your senior leaders to deliver a message built around your objectives and culture. He will create a unique keynote or workshop, designed to support your strategic goals and connect with each attendee.

Mel takes the unique position that he is a member of your team and he is focused on being a critical asset to your event planning. He is willing to provide blogs or shoot a custom video for your event to create excitement and boost registration. Mel seamlessly integrates himself in every engagement to include socializing with attendees, answering questions, taking pictures and signing books.

If you are looking for a high energy speaker or an effective leadership educator, Mel will help your attendees take their lives and career to the next level.

The Parker Principles: 10 Leadership Force Multipliers

navigating the difficult world of business leadership with consultant, speaker and coach mel parker
Inspiring Tales of Organizational Transformation

Mel Parker has spent a career achieving unparalleled success transforming organizations. In the military, every team he took command became the recognized most proficient and best performing team in the 82nd Airborne Division. In the corporate world, whether PepsiCo, Corporate Express, Dell or Brinks, he led significant transformational changes to improve profitability, productivity and customer focus.

speaking, coaching, keynote by mel parker - Building and Leading High Performance Teams
A Lifetime of Leadership Lessons

The Parker Principles: 10 Leadership Force Multipliers has been an amazing success and fast becoming a “must have” leadership book. The reviews have been overwhelming citing the tales of Inspirational and Servant Leadership lessons learned from both Mel’s military and corporate career. Leaders identify with his life journey and his focus on leadership, humility, trust, belief and optimism. We are solely accountable for our own success and for delivering results in this V.U.C.A. world. Mel’s seamless translation of his leadership lessons into immediately actionable best practices ensures that the audience walks away with the ability to be the leader required in these volatile times.

speaking, coaching, keynote by mel parker - 21st Century Leadership Across Cultures and Generations
A Compelling Message to Improve Organizational Leadership and Performance

In today’s multicultural and multigenerational workforce authoritarian leadership styles and strict command and control cultures are prohibitive to organizational success. With the speed and unforgiving nature of social media, tactical decisions will be influenced by the culture established by leadership. As a speaker and educator, Mel challenges the understood “norms” and inspires audiences to think and behave differently. To question longstanding beliefs on leadership and employee engagement.

His message is tailored to your organization.

the power-of courageous and authentic leadership with Mel Parker
Inspiring Keynote Speaker with Blueprint to Creating a No Excuses Attitude

As a military leader and C-Suite executive Mel understood that his most powerful leadership leverage was to empower his team and instill a “winning swagger”. An individual leader does not succeed it is the power of the team. When leaders create an environment where the team feels secure, empowered and supported they deliver outstanding results, every time. No Excuses!

book cover for the parker principles - 10 leadership force multipliers by mel parker
Unlocking the Power of Culture

In his book, The Parker Principles, Mel explains how Belief and Optimism are the keys to creating a powerful culture. Culture is the ultimate
competitive advantage. Today’s leaders must have both high IQs and high EQs (Emotional Intelligence) Leaders must understand how profoundly their words, actions and behaviors affect their people and organizational culture. He provides immediate actions and best practices to unlock the power of any organization’s culture.