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Dee Parker from Take The Limits Off

About Dee Parker

A Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Life, Executive and Transitional Coach. As Chief Operations Officer of Take The Limits Off, LLC she finds a unique opportunity to be a part of organization with a mission of empowerment. A mission dedicated to helping to unleash the potential we all possess. This vessel for growth structured to facilitate customized opportunities for YOU.

Now in partnership with her life partner on a venture to garner a more organic and authentic way to unleash potential. A principle based on owning who you are and allowing that to transcend all aspects of your Life, Work, Play, Health and Relationships. An endeavor grounded in the core values of integrity, humility and servitude. A venture where the sole purpose is to Take The Limits Off.

Dee Parker from Take The Limits Off climbing in an indoor fitness gym

An avid athlete and life style GURU, Dee subscribes to a philosophy of never ending growth. To an idea that walls are meant to be scaled, that ceiling are meant to be shattered…that every day you train for the next thing. So that no matter what it is and when it comes you are READY.

Dee Parker from Take The Limits Off

In our pursuit of our aspirations we must never stop learning, never stop evolving. There is absolutely NO limit to the possibilities, we must only be courageous enough to live without limits.

“The three people who matter the most, the person you were yesterday the person you are today and the person you will be tomorrow and the unchanging thread that binds them, Your Authentic self.”

Dee Parker from Take The Limits Off

Your life, your family your career all benefit when you are true to that core construct!

Let’s Do This! Let’s Kick down some doors and Take The Limits Off!!

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