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In today’s chaotic and turbulent times, Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are the new normal for business. Every organization has a growing list of obstacles and impediments that rob the organization of speed, growth, productivity, innovation and resiliency. Not only must organizations overcome obstacles, they must also meet the needs to be considered a world class organization – profitability, an empowering culture, top talent recruitment and retention and organizational engagement. Irrelevant of an organization’s needs, 99% of them can be achieved through Leadership powered SCOPE (Strategy, Culture, Organizational Design, People and Excellence).

Take The Limits Off Your Leadership

At Take the Limits Off – we take our role as part of the team seriously. We have a clear focus on meeting your needs and delivering results. As your business partner, we are not satisfied with base business consulting architecture of Discovery, Analysis, Report, Strategize, Execute, Report and Follow Up. We take this construct and explode it with the LEADERSHIP*(SCOPE).

Any obstacle that has to be overcome, need met or vision achieved must be done with Leadership as the foundation, glue and engine. Great leadership is a pre-requisite to sustainable organizational success. When you apply great leadership to Strategy, Culture, Organizational Design, People and Excellence – you literally take the limits off what an organization can achieve.

balancing priorities of leadership with mel parker at take the limits off leadership consulting

The five pillars of SCOPE are interconnected and mutually dependent. SCOPE is like a five-legged stool on which we sit sustainable success. Five strong, stable legs provide for maximum levels of success. One broken or underperforming leg – the stool is a bit unstable, unpredictable and unreliable but it can still support the weight of success. Two broken legs – moderate instability and a 70% chance of sustained success. Three – disaster is likely unless there is immediate repair work done on the three broken legs – 70% chance of failure. I think you get the picture.

pillars of success leadership consulting with mel parker

When you have great leadership in support of each of the five pillars – you set the table for success. To start, we will insure you have the right leadership talent, leading in the right way in support of each pillar. Then we will focus on applying the disciplined 7 Step consulting process to each pillar.

strategic development and Implementation in a challenging business atmosphere
Capabilities and Services
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Culture – Strategic Alignment – Generational Savvy – Inclusion
  • Organizational Development and Design
  • People – Talent Management – Recruitment, Training and Retention
  • Excellence – Operational and Performance
  • Succession and Transition Planning
  • Commercial Engagement – Sales, Marketing and Brand
  • Commercial digital and ecommerce – Loyalty programs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
combining multiple complex business concepts
Industries of Expertise
  • Food and Beverage
  • Consumer Products
  • Technology – Consumer and Small Business
  • Financial Services – Transportation
  • Energy – Power and Temperature Control