team building consulting with mel parker

Senior Leadership and High Performance Teams

Mel can help Senior Leadership and High Performance TEAMS:

  • Bring clarity and alignment on mission, vision, purpose and values
  • Break down barriers, share vulnerabilities and build TEAM trust
  • Create best practices and rules of engagement to optimize TEAM dynamics and morale
  • Establish TEAM “identity” and sharpen TEAM focus and priorities on what is really important to the TEAM
  • Develop tactics and strategies that find and reduce the friction points that hinder change and slow down transformation
  • Face Fear – minimize its impact and breakthrough perceived performance barriers to achieve new levels of TEAM success.
  • Operationalize and Live a “One TEAM One Dream” culture

Optimal Development Profile of Senior Leadership and High Performance TEAMS:

  • TEAMS have been together a minimum of four months
  • TEAM members recognize and acknowledge that they are not functioning at full potential.
  • There is a burning platform or a recognized and mutually accepted need for change and transformation
  • No TEAM member is currently on a performance improvement plan or in danger of imminent removal from the TEAM
  • TEAM leader and members are willing to commit the time, energy and focus to the process
  • Individual TEAM members are interested in personal development and growth

TEAM Service Offerings:

  • Stakeholders View of Success Assessment
  • Team Meeting Shadowing
    • Observe Team member roles, dynamics and interactions
    • Observe Meeting protocols and processes
    • Real time feedback and recovery actions
  • 360-degree Feedback for all TEAM members
    • Live interviews and Questionnaires
    • Blind commentary and ratings
    • Results review and action plans
  • Characteristics and Behavioral Assessment
    • Live Interviews
  • Individual Development Action Plan(IDAP)
    • Strategies and Tactics
    • Success factors and journey waypoints
  • TEAM Development Action Plan (TDAP)
    • Strategies and Tactics
    • IDAP and TDAP integration
    • Success Factors and Warning Signs
    • Monthly check-in and recalibration