business executive one on-one coaching with Mel Parker

Executive 1 On 1

Mel can help Senior Leaders and Executives:

  • Improve and optimize performance and results
  • Define and develop Authentic Leadership style
  • Improve Executive presence and communication
  • Provide proven process, best practices and structure to First 100 days in new role or company.
  • Optimize internal and external perception of performance and results
  • Bring clarity and alignment on vision, purpose and values – business, career and life
  • Understand perceptions, beliefs and assumptions that obstruct the leaders understanding of the people they lead and work with.
  • Understand negative behaviors, triggers, prevention best practices and recovery tactics
  • Break down barriers, share vulnerabilities and build trust with boss and peers
  • Develop tactics and strategies that find and reduce the friction points that hinder individual growth or slow down transformation
  • Face Fear – minimize its impact and breakthrough perceived performance barriers to achieve new levels of success.
  • Own Your Power – No Excuses Mentality
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Optimal Profile of Senior Leaders and Executives:

  • Been in position a minimum of four months or with organization a minimum of one year. (Unless engaged in First 100 Days Coaching Program)
  • Willingness to take down walls, engage transparently and acknowledge and face fears
  • Direct supervisor support- time and resources – to the coaching process (company paid)
  • Willingness to commit to the work and the Individual Action Plan
mel parker and take the limits off gives business leaders the tools needed for career advancement

Individual Coaching Service Offerings:

  • Stakeholders View of Success Assessment
  • Work Shadowing
  • Observe in role, team and peer dynamics and interactions
  • Real time feedback and recovery actions
  • 360-degree Feedback including key Stakeholders
  • Live interviews and Questionnaires
  • Blind commentary and ratings
  • Results review and action plans
  • Characteristics and Behavioral Assessment
  • Live Interviews
  • Individual Development Action Plan(IDAP)
  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Success factors and journey waypoints