c suite and board advisory consultation with Mel Parker

C-Suite And Board Advisory

The ability of an organization’s senior leadership TEAM to function as a cohesive, trusted and effective TEAM is a bankable competitive advantage. As a member of the C-Suite or the Board of Directors – achieving that competitive advantage is your responsibility. When the Senior Leadership TEAM is not performing to full potential, it will take courage by all stakeholders to adapt, transform and grow. Managing change and transformation at this level requires a skilled and experienced coach or advisor – who understands and leverages the interdependence of each TEAM member’s personal characteristics and behaviors. Managing the successful mosaic of a high performing TEAM is critical.

Mel integrates a variety of proven teaching and coaching methodologies, decades of experience leading in the C-Suite and perspective and insights of a high performing Board of Directors. Mel’s transparent and direct style allows him to build the credibility and trust needed to guide the TEAM out of their comfort zones into the space where real change and transformation takes place.

Whether there is a need for total TEAM engagement or individual executives seeking opportunities to take their performance to the next level, Mel will customize a program providing varying levels of intensity and package options to meet your time and resources needs. For a complimentary initial consultation and needs assessment contact Mel today!