What Our Clients Say About Mel Parker and Take The Limits Off

I think what has struck me the most is that the audience was so enthralled with the power of your story, that we could have expanded your time slot to 2-3 hours so that they get immersed more in 2-3 of the principles. The book signing was such a hit, this allowed folks one on one time to speak with you and have a moment of direct connection. Everyone in line came alive when it was their turn to chat with you and take selfies!

Christie Miller Director - Business Architecture and Strategy
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Mel came to speak at one of our annual JetBlue conferences, and he was absolutely fantastic. Mel has an energy that is contagious and he kept the audience 100% engaged. Mel’s story is inspiring and his leadership principles are simple and elegant which makes it easy for the audience to connect. He also injects humor and fun into the session. We are already getting requests for Mel to come back to future conferences!

Margo Heller General Manager, Values Relations
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Mel, your session was absolutely amazing. I know the team plans on taking the actions you recommended and also reading your book. As we continue to evolve our programs for leaders, I am hopeful we will have you back in the future.

Jennifer Erikson Director - IT Learning and Development
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I recently had the privilege of attending a key note presented by Mel. Everyone, including myself, was on the edge of our seats as we listened to Mel’s story of inspiration, perseverance, and his drive for finding his purpose. He shared deeply personal accounts of his successes and failures as he took us through the journey of what brought him to where he is today…today he is inspiring people like me to constantly challenge ourselves with things that seem impossible by being a living example of what can be achieved when you delve outside of your comfort zone. Thank you for your leadership and lessons in the power of transparency!

Jennifer Dickens Sales Market Leader

You are such a dynamic speaker! What I loved most is that what you said was employable and right on point. I also loved how you demonstrated your principles through the delivery of your keynote such as getting to know someone in order to trust them. Your experience and insights are truly remarkable!

Angela Mead Manager, Leadership & People Development
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Mel participated in our annual executive training as our keynote speaker. Not only did Mel take the time to really get to know our team, our objectives and desired outcomes, he truly made it a point to connect with us. His presentation was not only engaging, it was meaningful, personal and incredibly authentic. Our entire team walked away feeling energized and humbled by his many accomplishments. Leadership was epitomized through his story-telling that evening and we are incredibly grateful to have met Mel!

Natasha Soobramanie Manager, Organizational Development

Mel has the unique ability to authentically connect with an audience and weave his amazing personal and professional experiences into a compelling and impactful presentation. I worked with Mel when he was the keynote speaker at a LEO Pharma leadership offsite at West Point, NY.  Not only did Mel take the time prior to the session to understand our unique business challenges, but he also created a custom keynote presentation that was the motivational spark for the three days that followed. I would recommend Mel to any organization that is looking for a partner to bring energy and practical business insights to their leadership development programs.

John Tomasello Vice President & Head, Human Resources
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What struck me most about your session was how universal your message is, and how you have the ability to connect with such a diverse international audience. A standing ovation! An inspirational snd energizing way to kick-off our annual leadership summit!

Melissa Roy Global Leadership Program Manager
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The Parker Principles are an energetic, enthusiastic look at leadership traits for today’s world. Most of the 10 Leadership Force Multipliers are recognizable, but there are some critically important principles that set this book apart. Based on the real, personal experiences of the author, I found The Parker Principles: 10 Leadership Force Multipliers to be an exciting read that challenged you to step up your game.

Lou Giuliano Non-Executive Chairman of the Board

When Mel took the stage at Intel, as our keynote speaker, he told us, “I’m going to wow you and change your life.” And no surprise, he delivered! From sharing his journey as an Airborne Ranger in the US Army to lessons in leadership from the C-suite, he was engaging and inspired the audience.

Mel spoke about building trust and the importance of nurturing relationships, taking time to lower defenses and that leadership is not a title or position, it is about what you action. I continue to hear praise from Intel leaders and employees at large about the amazing impact his speech had on them.

Denise A Nelson President - Network of Intel African Americans
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Thriving as a leader in a VUCA marketplace requires every leader to become a lifelong
learner. Mel does a masterful job in this book of not only explaining why it’s time for leaders
to retool but gives the formula to become a leader who is relevant and impactful.

Trudy Bourgeois Founder and CEO
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On behalf of the team here at GLG, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to conduct a first class webinar for our clients. We had 15 key clients participate to access your business expertise and insights. The overwhelming feedback was that your event was “very helpful”.

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On behalf of the GLG team, your time as a Council Member here at GLG has been of great value to our clients. To date, you have conducted over 17 consultations with our clients and have received a 100% overall satisfaction rating from those engagements.

D Artin
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Our firm has been fortunate to work with Mel in a range of client assignments over the past years and it has always been a special, rewarding experience. Mel has a remarkable ability to engage with others, to offer meaningful feedback and advice, and enable them to see new possibilities in themselves and their performance as leaders.

Brad Stackhouse Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Mel, thank you for your thoroughness and willingness to educate our clients – Fortune 500 companies in nearly every sector and the leading professional services firms and financial institutions. You have received a perfect 100% satisfaction rating through more than a dozen engagements covering a wide range of topics including Cash Management Services, High Technology B2B, Smart Safe Solutions and Best practices for Small and Medium Business Channel Management. Keep up the great work, we look forward to continued engagements.

Daniel Financial and Business Services